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Thank you all SO MUCH for helping make the launch of ORION a massive success! For a first-time author to achieve the rankings and sales that ORION made was something I did not expect, and that is all thanks to you!

Here are some metrics to share with you only three days after launch:

1) ORION was ranked #1 Best Seller in War Fiction for two days! This was something entirely unexpected for me, and now I can always say that ORION was a best seller in a specific category!

2) ORION broke the top 100 in Amazon, reaching #44 at its highest peak! That's a ranking throughout the whole of Canada! Unreal!

3) ORION was #2 in fairy tales (Mythology) and #8 in Coming-of-Age Books!

4) ORION Was placed on Amazon's "Movers and Shakers" list along with "Hot New Releases!" This featured my book alongside books such as "Spare" By Prince Harry and "Only the Dead" by Jack Carr. You better believe I'm going to be keeping a picture of that!

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the tsunami of support I received from all of you. Seeing you all share, promote and get excited about this book was so flattering. I loved seeing all of you taking a picture while holding my book! So far, ORION has sold almost 100 copies! Some independent authors wait a WHOLE YEAR to reach that many! Some never do!

I really hope you enjoy the read. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if my writing affects just one person in a positive way, then it was all worth it. Please continue to share with your friends and family or anyone who loves books! And when you're finished reading, I would love to have you write an HONEST review on Amazon. Good, bad, it doesn't matter, be honest!

Reviews and ratings are the best way to substantiate a book for other readers, and a self-published author's success is only achievable by word of mouth. So please consider writing a review of ORION on!

Again, thank you so much for all your support. I'll be sharing more updates shortly.

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