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Reviews of ORION Welcome!

It's been one week since the launch of ORION, and I'm proud to say we have had over 130 copies sold and counting! That includes paperback, hardcover and ebook! ORION has also recently been registered with Kindle Unlimited (Netflix for books essentially), So if you're registered with that, you can read ORION at no extra cost!

A cool thing about Kindle Unlimited as an author is it tracks 'pages read' for your book. Currently, ORION has had over 900 pages read by multiple readers! I hope you're enjoying it!

Near the back of my book, I wrote that reviews and word of mouth are independent authors' lifelines. So I'm encouraging you to write a review about ORION on Amazon! Did you like it? Hate it? Love it? Be honest! One star? Five stars? But when you're done with the novel, feel free to share your thoughts!

Thank you to everyone who has passed the word along about this novel. Advertising by yourself has turned out to be quite the venture, complete with hurdles, fake promotional businesses trying to sell you the world, and an increasing cost to get the word out there.

So thank you to everyone who has shared this book with their family and friends! That is the #1 way a book gets noticed, through the eyes of the reader and their honest reviews and recommendations.

I know some of you have finished it already, which is fantastic! I genuinely hope you're all enjoying the read and that in over 75,000 words and 210 pages, I've provided you with a story you can think back to often with enjoyment and reflection.

• Shane Cowden

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