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The Debut Novel by Shane Cowden

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After returning from war, Jason, also known as Orion, is tormented by severe symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. No longer able to deal with the stressors of society, he flees to a cabin in the isolated backwoods of Alaska, hoping to find peace in seclusion.

During this isolation, Jason's symptoms worsen, and the manifestation of his darkest demons will surface to confront him about the past, striving to ultimately break what is left of his spirit and end his life. To continue living, Jason must overcome his guilt, woodland predators and terrifying creatures conjugated from his trauma and negative inner voice.

To do this, he must follow the lessons from a mystical Native American warrior named Charging Bear, who attempts to teach him the mental and spiritual tactics of fighting his inner demons.

In this modern spin on the Greek mythological tale of the same name, Orion will be confronted by the deadliest threat he has ever faced. Scorpio, his negative inner voice.

For Jason to have a future. He must confront the past... and himself.

CANADA - eBook / Paperback

UNITED STATES - Paperback / Hardcover

BARNES AND NOBLE - Paperback / Hardcover

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About the Author

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Shane Cowden is a decorated veteran with 18 years of military and law enforcement experience. Serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in 2008 and as a Nuclear Response Force member in Ontario, he has spent his spare time putting pen to paper in telling important stories. 


With an education background in Journalism, Shane is naturally passionate about storytelling. His number one fans are his wife and three children, who also share a passion for a good story.

Having lost friends in Afghanistan and here at home, mental health is an issue that is close to his heart. These issues inspired him to write his first novel 'ORION.''. A debut thriller about a veteran and his struggles to come to terms with his past.

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